Parma Ham Review

It’s among the most prized of sliced, cured meats in the world. Parma ham is always a delight, but how do pre-sliced supermarket-packaged hams fare? Italia! investigates… Truth be told, if you want the very best Parma ham then you’re likely going to find it on the bone, sliced to order, at a local deli […]

Margherita Pizza Review

If there’s one element of Italian cooking that Brits have really taken to their hearts, it’s pizza. We put seven shop-bought versions of the classic margherita pizza to the test. It was humble baker Raffaele Esposito, or rather Queen Margherita of Savoy, who gave this dish its distinctive name. On paying a visit to Naples […]

Filled Pasta Review

Simple and satisfying, there is a blissful array of filled pasta to be found on the market – we taste seven leading brands to find our favourites… Growing in popularity outside of Italy, filled pasta is, for many, the perfect simple supper. The flavours and variations are understandably diverse – from meaty ravioli through to […]