Italy’s Best Undiscovered Islands


Planning a trip off the beaten track in Italy? Set your compass for one of these secret islands – perfect destinations to discover tranquility and beauty away from the bustle of the Italian mainland… Ponza Isola di Ponza is the largest of the six Italian Pontine Islands, sitting off the Lazio coast in the Tyrrhenian […]

48 Hours in Ponza

48 Hours in Ponza - Italy Travel and Life

Just 25 miles off the coast of Lazio, Ponza is a favourite holiday haunt of the Romans. Mario Matassa embarks on a voyage of discovery to Italy’s undiscovered island. There’s something about island holidays that brings out the boy adventurer in me. From the moment I see the ferry navigating its way into port I […]

48 Hours in Ventotene

A tiny island off Italy’s west coast hides in the shadows cast by its more popular neighbours, Ischia and Ponza. Sarah Lane finds out why Ventotene deserves a visit. The island of Ventotene is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. It is officially part of the Ponza archipelago off the coast of southern Lazio, but in […]