Top ten Italian cities for apartments

Incase you can’t decide on your ideal Italian city to settle in – we have made a list of the top cities for you to make the choice a bit clearer.  1. Rome – population 2,850,000 Italy’s brash, loud, vibrant capital is a confident, thick-skinned place, secure in its achievements and completely unsurprised to receive […]

Sicily Regional Guide: Part 2

Summers in Sicily are hot and the weather stays pleasantly warm throughout the winter… Read Part 1 of this series here This favourable climate attracts not only peak-season holiday-makers but also those looking for some winter sunshine. Serving these sun-seekers are several Blue Flag beaches, as well as numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites for excursions […]

From Pisa to Palermo – Italia Moments Week 7

It’s that time of year when holidays seem like a distant memory yet some of our readers have been whisking themselves away to a land where summer never seems to end.. Castello Aragonese in Taranto, Puglia. The photographer, Jarno Liimatainen, explained “Italian army runs the castle as it has been their base, so a tour is free […]

Sicily – Holiday on the Italian Island

Jane Keighley learns how best to enjoy the Italian island of Sicily in less than a week, from Palermo to the charming town of Trapani and beyond… In the words of a Sicilian proverb “He who goes to Palermo without seeing Monreale leaves a donkey and comes back an ass”. As I wandered around the […]

Past Italia – Santa Rosalia

Italia! uncovers the story of Santa Rosalia, patron saint of Palermo, travelling through the mists of time to a Sicily under threat from an indiscriminate killer – bubonic plague In 1159 Santa Rosalia or La Santuzza, the little saint, cast off the worldly trappings and moved into this bijou home from home – or cave […]

Capuchin Monks of Palermo

monks of palermo

In 1599, the Capuchin monks of Palermo made a macabre discovery: some of the corpses they had entombed in their catacombs had become naturally mummified. Then the monks decided to preserve one of their own… When the Capuchin monks of Palermo mummified Brother Silvestro of Gubbio they started a trend. From 1599 to 1880, when […]

Top Tips For Palermo

Feeling inspired to book a trip to Palermo, after reading 48 Hours in Palermo? Here’s our top tips on where to stay, where to eat and what to see and do. WHAT TO SEE AND DO ➤ il Convento dei Cappuccini Piazza Cappuccini, 1 I didn’t get there on this trip but this is one of […]

48 Hours in Palermo

Each region of Italy is unique, but there is none quite so different to the rest of the country as Sicily. James Miller finds he can’t keep away from its capital city… They say that Italy is a diverse cultural tapestry. Each region can be considered a country in its own right. There is one […]