48 Hours in Ischia

Tom Alberto Bull travels to Ischia, a perfect little gem in the glittering Gulf of Naples Affectionately known as the Isola Verde, the ‘Green Island’, Ischia has so much to offer for a short getaway. The terrain is small enough to explore in just a few days and the rewards are plentiful: natural springs emanating […]

Campania regional property guide

Positano, Italy

Part of Campania’s attraction lies in its great diversity, from glitzy island getaways to quaint hill towns and bustling cities, there’s something for every property hunter. Fleur Kinson takes a closer look at the region… Photos by Getty Images Introduction Campania is one of Italy’s most populous regions, with almost six million inhabitants. It is […]

Homes in Campania

Bay of Naples view from Posillipo Hill

This sun-drenched southern region has seduced visitors for nearly 3,000 years. There are still homes here to suit every budget, says Fleur Kinson Photos by Getty Images   You wouldn’t be the first person to fall in love with Campania. This geographically stunning place has been magnetic for millennia. It was here, specifically from the […]

Past Italia! Catacombs of San Gennaro

Catacombs of San Gennaro, Naples

In Naples, where history is told through layers of earth, an ancient tomb offers a window to the distant past… Deep beneath the streets of northern Naples, on the slopes leading up to Capodimonte, in the area officially known as Rione Sanità, but also sometimes called the ‘Valley of the Dead’, lie le Catacombe di […]

Past Italia: Pasta in Italy

antique picture Italy: Naples, Pasta Factory

This image of a 19th-century factory in Naples illustrates just how fundamental pasta is to Italian cuisine Where or when pasta originated is something we will never know. A lot of the problem lies in what we mean by “pasta”, but the modern Italian pasta we know and love today (ie, that which is made […]

Gazetta Italia: Naples volcanic energy

Neapolitans have always lived in the knowledge that the volcano that makes their land so fertile is also capable of untold destruction. Tom Alberto Bull went up to take a closer look… Naples volcanic energy When we think of Naples we immediately think about Vesuvius towering ominously over the city, offering both rich, fertile land […]

Top ten Italian cities for apartments

Incase you can’t decide on your ideal Italian city to settle in – we have made a list of the top cities for you to make the choice a bit clearer.  1. Rome – population 2,850,000 Italy’s brash, loud, vibrant capital is a confident, thick-skinned place, secure in its achievements and completely unsurprised to receive […]

Amalfi Drive

The restaurants and hotels of Naples and its environs have so much more to offer than pizza. Adrian Mourby and his wife took a tour by car, never hesitating to try some of the finest dining experiences on their route… There is always a warm welcome at il Ristorantino dell’Avvocato for anyone willing to brave […]

A Day Trip To Ischia

Any visit to Naples is enhanced by a trip to the islands. Robin Crews finds that it’s easy to hop over the water to Ischia… We all know that passion runs through the veins of Italians right throughout the peninsula, but in the Mezzogiorno there is something else coursing through the locals’ bodies. As you […]

Pompeii Plaster Casts Undergo Restoration

Restoration work has begun on the plaster casts of 86 Pompeii victims. The poignant relics were created in the mid 19th century around the preserved remains of men, women and children killed during the 79AD disaster when Mount Vesuvius erupted, destroying the Roman city. They offer a fascinating and deeply moving insight into how quickly the tragedy occurred, with some […]