Top 5 Italian Honeys to buy

Sweet and natural, honey is a store cupboard staple, perfect for spreading, drizzling and cooking. Here are some Italian varieties – and they’re not just for desserts and cakes Raw honey is said to be packed with health-giving qualities and the cure for many ailments from hangovers to colds. Give your immune system a boost […]

Best Honey

Bears might be particularly well known for loving honey, but so do we. Italia! puts some fine examples of liquid gold to the taste test. It’s time for something sweet… Honey always seemed a quintessentially British ingredient as a child, whether as the adorable Winnie the Pooh’s ‘drug’ of choice, or because of the way […]

Gift Idea: Italian Honey

Treat someone to something sweet with a gift of Italian honey…  The sunshine in Sicily provides the perfect environment for developing delicious honeys, and the orchards of Borgo la Torre are no different. This Orange Blossom honey has a gentle but captivating flavour that bursts in the mouth, and would be lovely spread over the […]