Gnocchi alla comasca


This gnocchi dish originates from the Como area, and uses a local taleggio cheese, which combines with the tomato and pancetta to make a flavourful sauce, says Mario Matassa There is a long tradition around the Italian lakes of making homemade gnocchi – this dish is an easy way to recreate the flavours of the […]

ASK Italian have some new gnocchi flavours to try

Italian are back with three new flavours of gnocchi: prosecco, popping candy and snowball – and you can try them for free. Three new flavours: Prosecco gnocchi: baked gnocchi dipped in a prosecco and white chocolate sauce. Popping candy gnocchi: baked gnocchi dipped in dark chocolate sauce and then rolled in popping candy Snowball gnocchi: baked gnocchi that’s served […]

Gnocchi with spinach, Gorgonzola and pancetta

Gnocchi agli spinaci, Gorgonzola e pancetta You can, if you have time and patience, make your own gnocchi, but it is an ingredient that does not suffer from being pre-prepared by a supermarket. ➤Serves 2➤ Preparation 5 minutes ➤ Cooking 10 minutes 250g good-quality ready-made potato gnocchi 80g cubetti di pancetta 100g mascarpone 70g Gorgonzola cheese, cut […]