To Arezzo for lunch

Arezzo Cathedral, Tuscany, Italy

Rachael Martin took a road trip from Milan to Arezzo to discover the secrets of this Etruscan town and experience its famous antiques market  Photos by Rachael Martin unless otherwise stated   We were planning our regular Easter break with the kids and we had all agreed that this year we would be going to […]

Past Italia: Arezzo Cathedral

Arezzo Cathedral, Tuscany, Italy

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Donatus in Arezzo, Tuscany, boasts a long history and some eye-catching architecture La Cattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Donato is the city cathedral of Arezzo, Tuscany. The façade is a 20th-century reconstruction, and the clock tower was added then too, but the rest of the church was built between the […]

Mid-Week Meals: Arezzo Style Bean Soup

Try this hearty, delicious staple from Tuscany, where peasant cooking – or la cucina povera – prevails, and satisfying bean-based dishes like this form the backbone of the region’s famous cuisine Mid-Week Meals: Arezzo-Style Bean Soup Ingredients ¾ cup (5.5oz or 150g) black-eyed peas  2 ripe tomatoes  2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil  1 bay leaf  […]

Region Guide: Discovering Tuscany

Rolling hills, beautiful coastline and gothic architecture, we discover what more Tuscany has to offer… Tuscany was one of the first destinations to attract large numbers of travellers from the UK – and with very good reason: the region offers a rich combination of culture, historic cities, antiquities, agreeable climate and friendly locals; it encapsulates everything that is beautiful about […]