Brits: The Biggest Prosecco Fans

If you love a glass (or indeed a bottle) of Prosecco to enjoy with your meal or to help you destress then feel confident in the knowledge that you are not alone. It turns out that Britain is actually the world’s biggest fan of the Italian fizz.

We apparently consumed a third of all the prosecco produced last year – more than any other country.

Production of Prosecco has increased by 44.8% between 2014 and last year. This is thanks to a bumper harvest, and that resulted in 410.9 million bottles being produced.


Image: Mark Swallow/iStock


The Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco says that three-quarters of the bottles went overseas, mainly to the UK and the states.

Brits particularly favoured the drink and we managed to consume a third of all the prosecco produced in the world last year.

We even managed to outdrink the USA, which quite a feat when you look at the size difference.

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