Nora Archaeological Park

Mary Novakovich shares her experience of this important and beautiful archaeological site in southwest Sardinia…

Photos by Adam Batterbee

Nora archaeological site Sardinia
View of Nora from the top of the tower


Founded by the Phoenicians in the 9th century BC and then ruled from Carthage, Nora became Sardinia’s principal city when the Romans took over in 238BC. Nora’s precarious position on a spit of land made it vulnerable both to Saracen raids and flooding, which eventually drove the population away in the 3rd century AD.

Nora and tower Sardinia
View of Nora and the Torre del Coltellazzo


We joined the guided tour around the site, which is now the only way to visit the park, thanks to previous visitors’ propensity to help themselves to the ancient mosaics that cover parts of the floor.

The sea forms an enchanting backdrop to dignified columns, remains of bathhouses and an atmospheric amphitheatre that is used nowadays for concerts and plays.

As the ticket also included entry to the Torre del Coltellazzo watchtower built by the Spanish in the 16th century, I could take in the spectacular views of the rugged coast from the top of the tower.

Nora mosaics, Sardinia
Nora mosaics

More details:
Nora Archaeological Park, Località Nora, 09010 Pula CA, Italy
Visit the website for up-to-date prices and visiting hours.

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