Polite children will get you a discount at this Italian restaurant

One family that enjoyed dinner out at a local restaurant last week had a lovely surprise when they received the bill for their food…


It included a five percent discount for their ‘well-behaved children’.
Antonio Ferrari, the owner of a wine bar in the northern city of Padua, came up with the idea when in came a party of 11 and the group included five children sitting “with much composure”.

Ferrari told the Guardian he estimated about 30% of parents did not know how to control their children at lunchtime, and more often than not children run around the restaurant and bother other customers, meaning that his waiting staff end up working hard to avoid them.

“We don’t often get well-behaved children,” he added, but explained that on Sunday, when they welcome families to the restaurant, the table of six adults and five children were a “delight” to serve. The restaurant often a stand out effort to welcome little ones, even making dishes up that aren’t on the menu. He said he was particularly impressed when the children at the restaurant were working on their times tables and colouring books as the parents enjoyed a glass of wine.

Above: The 5% discount shown on the restaurant bill of a well-behaved family

His idea for the discount developed from a bar he visited whilst away in Miami which created a similar scheme. It was a positive alternative to approaching the family with any complaints, which he was worried would offend the family and others in the restaurant.

Ferrari doesn’t have children and wants to ensure that guests understand his intentions not to be too judgemental –  telling Corriere della Sera: “I imagine how difficult parenting is today.”

It seems that the scheme is already being received as the group that supposedly deserved the discount were so pleased by the news they left a €30 (£25) tip, Ferrari said.

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