The Art of Pasta Review

Look no further for authentic Italian pasta recipes than Lucio Galletto’s and David Dale’s The Art of Pasta…

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From the culinary luminaries who brought Lucio’s Italian Restaurant to Australia comes this new guide to making and cooking pasta. The Art of Pasta is filled with 160 authentic recipes, complemented by elegant artwork and photography. The book has a wonderful, textured feel and boasts a diverse range of skills, techniques and advice to make the perfect pasta dishes – from filled ravioli to gorgeous gnocchi. To accompany the pasta, choose from an array of mouth-watering pestos, including the definitive Ligurian version made with basil and pine nuts, and a versatile orange and almond pesto. There are also trips through the Italian seasons to make the most of fresh produce throughout the year. The authors, Lucio Galletto and David Dale, have done a brilliant job of bringing together the essential skills required and presenting them in an accessible (and quite frankly, beautiful) way. We think this would make an excellent present for a foodie fan. The Art of Pasta is published by Grub Street and is available now for £25.