Now you can get your favourite Italian wine delivered straight through your letterbox

The wine bottle has been through many changes since it was first developed in 3,000 BC – but today not one rivals a new design for sheer 21st Century convenience.

Image: Garcon Wines

Mail-order subscription service Garçon Wines have been in the process of developing a flattened 750ml bottle that can be delivered straight through your letterbox and now it’s here. You can be sure your bottle awaits your return from work, you no longer have to worry about where the postman has left the package.

The bottles are made from a tough glass-like plastic and are slightly taller than your average wine bottle, but are around half as thick. They also come packaged in a cardboard box to avoid any spillages once it comes through the letterbox.

Image: Garcon Wines

Founder of Garçon Wines, Joe Revell, said he first thought of the idea when a friend complained about missing his wine deliveries: “The team have worked hard to refine the design and ensure the service over delivers on our customers’ expectations.

“No more missed deliveries, no more depot-collection cards, no more waiting around for couriers and no more heading out to the supermarket late at night next time you feel like wine.”

Garçon Wines launch their service in February and the subscription starts at £10 a month.

Co-founder Santiago Navarro was reported as saying: “There has never been anything like it before. The bottle feels very nice in your hand, with similar rigidity and clarity to a regular bottle.”

This story first appeared in the Telegraph