Relocating to Italy: Which Areas Are Best?

Marian Hale, of Homes Italia, explains which areas of Italy are good to relcoate to when the more expensive areas are out of your price range.


Q. I’m looking to move to Italy and really love Tuscany but would like somewhere more affordable. What other regions have similar landscapes but lower price tags?

A. If you love the Tuscan landscape and what Tuscany has to offer but want to find something more affordable in a similar region, look no further than La Tuscia in northern Lazio or, alternatively, the region around Orvieto in southern Umbria.

These adjoining areas made up part of the ancient Etruria, the heart of the Etruscan civilisation which encompassed parts of Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria. They have all the magic of Tuscany, with picturesque villages, hamlets perched on hilltops and medieval walled towns and ancient ruins dating back to Roman and Etruscan times. La Tuscia is made up of rolling hills, volcanic lakes, hot sulphuric springs and thermal spas whereas the Orvietan area of Umbria is more rugged with majestic scenery – especially in the area of Ficulle.

These regions also have the advantage of being close to Rome and several international airports. The A1 motorway makes it an easy one hour drive to get there. You can also head north easily enough, reaching picturesque Florence in about an hour and a half.

Property prices in these areas are between 30 to 40 per cent cheaper than those of their more famous Tuscan neighbour. This is mainly due to the prices in Tuscany being pushed up by the many foreigner buyers investing there in the past. Northern Lazio and southern Umbria, similarly, were completely overlooked by the majority of these buyers.

Now is a good time to invest in Italy because a weaker euro means buying in a stronger foreign currency can now save you up to 20 per cent on the original price. This, along with a combination of increased property taxes and financial pressures for Italian home owners, is making it possible to find very attractive investments. This is especially true of La Tuscia where many second homes are coming on to the market and home owners are now more open to negotiation. I hope you find the home of your dreams!

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