Lake Como

2 iStock_000020135147XXXLargeBellagio on Lake Como has been popular since Roman times, due to its unique location between the three lake branches…

With the Alps dominating its northern landscape, Bellagio has long been a town of inescapable beauty and natural drama.
It is located at the intersection of the three branches of Lake Como, giving it a sense of unusual isolation amid the clear waters. The earliest settlers to enjoy this as a holiday resort were the Romans. They are also, perhaps unsurprisingly, responsible for the abundance of olive trees which now scatter the shores and provide the rich oils of the area. One of the most noticeable sights in Bellagio is Villa Melzi d’Eril, which boasts rolling gardens that stretch down to the lake shore. The villa itself was built between 1808 and 1815 by the Neoclassical architect Giocondo Albertolli, and the English-style gardens created by Luigi Canonica and botanist Luigi Villoresi. As a result of these great designers, visitors today can still enjoy a stroll past classic sculptures, tree-lined paths and colourful flowerbeds before reaching the lake front to enjoy the Alpine view. Such stunning scenery makes this peaceful point a highlight of any visit to Lake Como.

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