History of Italy: Comacchio

Located in Emilia-Romagna, the town of Comacchio is home to a number of architectural gems ? including the five-way Trepponti bridge…


The town of Comacchio has origins stretching back to the Middle Ages, with many battles in the interim over borders and territory. It’s easy to see why, as Comacchio boasts unique, intact architectural features; a town of canals, palaces and monumental bridges, the most famous sight is the Trepponti bridge.

It was constructed in 1634 under the design of architect Luca Danesi from Ravenna. As well as its obvious visual appeal, the bridge serves a practical use connecting the network of internal canals with the sea.

It is formed of five wide staircases, each one extending over one of the canals, topped by a central structure in Istrian stone and two towers. The Trepponti bridge dominates the beautiful square of the same name, which used to be the location of the town’s old fish market.