2 Bergamo skyline sunset-ph P.ArdianiIn the heart of northern Italy, the rooftops of Bergamo capture the best of a city with both historical beauty and a distinctly modern resonance…

A treasure of northern Italy, the city of Bergamo can be found in Lombardy. It has a wealth of medieval, Renaissance and baroque architecture making it
an intriguing city with a stunning view over its rooftops. The foothills of the Alps can be seen in the distance and are located to the north of the town, adding to its beautiful landscape where man’s art has mingled with nature. With two centres, Bergamo boasts both a historical and modern lifestyle with a hilltop medieval town and newer residential and shopping district. To follow in history’s footsteps go to citta alta (the upper city) where you’ll find the Piazza Vecchia, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore Baptistry, the Cattedrale di Bergamo e Battistero and mausoleum of the world famous juggler, Rastelli. Or enjoy some retail therapy in citta bassa (the lower city) where you’ll find the shopping district scattered along Via 20 Settembre. Bergamo has something to delight all.




© P.Ardiani, courtesy of Turismo Bergamo