Azienda Nuces, Le Marche

Azienda Nuces, Le Marche, Italy

Tolentino, Le Marche. A number of builders finished apartments and farmhouses, one finished villa and an almost finished swimming pool over 1,000 sqm, all built with attention to energy saving by avoiding thermal bridges and by using bio-architecture and healthy environments. There are three canopies, used for parking, with 200 sqm of photovoltaic panels producing 30kW, generating an income of about €1,000 per month for another 17 years. 3.6 hectares of land with walnut orchard and olive grove. As a registered farm there are hardly any taxes payable on real estate and the purchaser may apply for additional funding from the government.

Type of property: Various
Number of bedrooms: N/a
Location: Tolentino, Le Marche
Contact: ItaliaCasa
☎ +39 339 101 9042