48 Hours on The Venetian Islands

Venice native Sara Scarpa takes us out of town on a long cycle ride from Lido to Pellestrina, and then on a boat trip to Murano, Burano and Torcello. This is an introduction to the beautiful Venetian Islands… Visitors to Venice, especially those visiting for the first time, tend to associate the city with the […]

The Oldest Film Festival in the World

Aside from a carnival of epic proportions, Venice is also home to the oldest film festival in the world. Italia! explores the illustrious history of this very glamorous affair. Coming into its 73rd year, the annual Venice Film Festival is the oldest and most prestigious in the world. In its long-running history the festival has come to […]

Venice Lido

While the crowds flock to Venice, Adrian Mourby finds a much more relaxing way of life on the Lido, where tourists of the past would stay and spend much of their time, away from the stifling air of the city… You can hear the silence of the Adriatic from up here. It doesn’t so much […]