Viewpoint: Isola Bella

Isola Bella – or Ìsula Bedda, in the Sicilian language – is aptly named… The ‘Beautiful Island’ of Taormina isn’t the only place of this name in Italy. There is a perhaps more famous one on Lake Maggiore, but it is the only one in Sicily. It lies off the coast of Taormina and is […]

Sicily Regional Guide: Part 1

Summers in Sicily are hot and the weather stays pleasantly warm throughout the winter… Read Part 2 of this series here This favourable climate attracts not only peak-season holiday-makers but also those looking for some winter sunshine. Serving these sun-seekers are several Blue Flag beaches, as well as numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites for excursions […]

A tale of three cities, first up we visit Taormina

Touring Sicily’s historic and picturesque Ionian Coast, Chris Allsop takes in the sights while contending with the island’s ever-increasing profile thanks to its superb culinary scene, extraordinary history, and all-round Mediterranean pulchritude… Trips are all the sweeter when there’s an unseasonal Arctic blast forecast for the weekend back home. On this gale of Schadenfreude I breezed […]

Top Tips For Taormina

See below for the best places to eat, what to see and do, where to stay and how to get there to ensure you have the best time in Taormina, Sicily… What to see and do Isola Bella It would be easy to miss out on a trip to Isola Bella if you are on […]

Siracusa & Taormina

James Miller travels the east coast of Sicily to discover two cities rich in ancient history and vibrant with modern life… The Roman statesman and scholar Cicero described Siracusa as “The greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all.” In ancient times Sicily was once part of Magna Graecia, or Greater Greece, and […]

48 Hours In Taormina

Is the Sicilian town of Taormina the friendliest tourist destination in Italy? Yolanda Zappaterra spends a long weekend there to find out… ‘La sposa arriva, la sposa arriva!’ shouts a small suited child excitedly as the hubbub from the crowd around the Chiesa San Giuseppe rises noticeably and hands begin to dig into bags of […]