The Laocoön group

This statue in the Vatican‘s Pio Clementino Museum may be the most influential of them all… Michelangelo admired it, as did Donatello before him, and Pliny the Elder long before them; this latter attributed it to three sculptors from Rhodes, but we don’t know who commissioned it, nor when it was sculpted, nor whether there […]

Estruscan art

What few examples have been found reflect a wealthy and sophisticated culture with refined tastes This fascinating civilization is often overshadowed by its more ‘famous’ fellow Ancients, the Greeks and the Romans; however, the Etruscans stand on their own for their cultural development, artistic production and commercial prowess. They were contemporaneous with the Ancient Greeks; […]

Sculpture: Piazza Camerlata

Italia! investigates a very different view of this renowned Italian lakeside town, with a visit to a dizzying sculpture in Piazza Camerlata, in Como What do you envisage when you think of the Italian Lakes? It probably isn’t a design movement called Italian Rationalism, but the town of Como, on the lake of the same […]

48 Hours in Florence

Florence is the perfect venue for a weekend away if you simply want to be a tourist: there’s so much to see, read about and photograph, and it’s one of those rare places where there’s really no point in trying to blend in with the natives – try to and you’ll be spotted a mile […]