Tuscany travel guide for opera lovers

Lake Massaciuccoli, Tuscany, Italy

If you love opera, where better to hear it than in Tuscany? All summer long, you can enjoy beautiful music in lovely Tuscan locales. From great accommodation to top spots for food and drink, Adrian Mourby’s guide is your perfect travel companion Photos by Kate Tadman-Mourby Where to stay Nido D’Amore Butterfly Hotel The Love Nest […]

Puccini: the sound of Tuscan music

Puccini festival Lucca, Italy

Travel to Tuscany during the summer months and you can enjoy thrilling operatic performances in the region’s historic towns and villages. Adrian Mourby visits Lucca as it comes alive with the music of Giacomo Puccini Photos by Kate Tadman-Mourby   Towards the end of his life, Giacomo Puccini admitted that one day he’d like to hear […]

Remember Pavarotti – the voice of opera

Today, we celebrate the birth of our great opera star Luciano Pavarotti Born in Modena, Pavarotti first experienced the musical art form alongside his father in his city’s chorus. He became increasingly famous over the 71 years of his fascinating life and will always be remembered for bringing opera to the people – he was rewarded for this over his […]

The Province Of Puccini

With his old homes turned into museums and an annual festival to celebrate his work, Lucca is the perfect place to delve deeper the history of the great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, as Charlie Lyon discovers… Tonight, the usual tranquility of the banks of Lake Massaciuccoli is broken. On the open-air stage of the Gran Teatro all’Aperto, which […]

Italian Opera: Verona Amphitheatre Opera

Verona’s spectacular ancient Roman amphitheatre is an unforgettable place to enjoy grand opera beneath the starry summer sky. Fleur Kinson is dazzled by the magic atmosphere and the vocal fireworks as she attends the Verona Amphitheatre Opera… Sweat, fear, noise, blood and anguish. Not much has changed in Verona’s giant amphitheatre over the last 2,000 […]