Gazetta Italia: the Royal Family

Italy has been a republic since the Second World War, yet interest in the British Royal Family shows no sign of waning. Tom Alberto Bull considers the nation’s obsession with the Windsors… La famiglia reale Il recente annuncio che il Duca e la Duchessa di Cambridge aspettano il terzo figlio è stato accolto positivamente in […]

48 hours in Modena

Sara Scarpa spends a weekend in Modena, a city primarily famous for performance cars and the world’s best vinegar, but one that has much more to offer besides… After wandering along the cobbled streets in the centre of Modena, we finally reach a small, dark square with a few tables lit by a tall lamp. […]

Gazetta Italia! – Life expectancy in Italy

We have recently learned that life expectancy in Italy is considerably higher than it is in the UK. Tom Alberto Bull wonders why this interesting claim might be true… Qual è il segreto? Le ultime statistiche rivelano che gli italiani vivono mediamente diciotto mesi più a lungo rispetto a noi britannici. E allora qual è […]

Homes in: City Apartments

Italy has a bounty of jewel-like cities – small-sized, liveable and packed with beautiful buildings. They make excellent places to buy a home, offering easy holidaymaking and superb rental returns, says Fleur Kinson. As if it weren’t enough to have heart-meltingly lovely countryside, celestial mountains and a glorious coastline, Italy also manages to squeeze in […]

Italy giving away 100 historic buildings for free

Italy is giving away more than 100 historic buildings in a bid to boost slow tourism. The kind of buildings up for grabs include castles, houses and towers. The idea is to tempt visitors away from crowded city centres and towards more rural and less popular areas. You won’t have to pay a penny for […]