Five lesser-known lakes all Italophiles should visit

Lago di Fusine

While we’ll always love Garda and Como, these iconic destinations aren’t the only lakes in Italy that are worth a stay. Read on and make sure you put one of these glorious places on your next itinerary…   Trasimeno, Umbria Italy’s fourth largest lake is sometimes referred to as ‘Perugia’s Lake’, thanks to its proximity […]

The Best Lakes in Italy

Whether you want glorious scenery, peaceful walks or adrenalin-packed watersports, Italy’s inland waters boast it all. Here’s Italia!’s pick of the country’s beautiful lakes 1. Lake Garda The largest of Italy’s lakes and ‘the land where the lemon trees grow’, Lake Garda’s elephantine shape drapes itself across Lombardy, the Veneto and Trentino. The lake’s Mediterranean […]