Five lesser-known lakes all Italophiles should visit

Lago di Fusine

While we’ll always love Garda and Como, these iconic destinations aren’t the only lakes in Italy that are worth a stay. Read on and make sure you put one of these glorious places on your next itinerary…   Trasimeno, Umbria Italy’s fourth largest lake is sometimes referred to as ‘Perugia’s Lake’, thanks to its proximity […]

Crystal Clear, Lake Bolsena

Italy’s northern lakes are very well known, but they’re not the country’s only glittering freshwater. Fleur Kinson explores a volcanic paradise in Lazio that’s overflowing with history. Herbal perfume rises from the earth beneath me and overhead a warm breeze rattles the dark green foliage. I emerge onto a golden cliff where I stop to […]

Lake Bolsena Fog

Lake Fog by Cathy Powell “We were living on Lake Bolsena at the time and my children had just caught the school bus. As I often did, I headed into town to do some shopping, luckily armed with my camera. It was late November when I took this photo and just after 8am. The lakeside […]