Sicily Regional Guide: Part 1

Summers in Sicily are hot and the weather stays pleasantly warm throughout the winter… Read Part 2 of this series here This favourable climate attracts not only peak-season holiday-makers but also those looking for some winter sunshine. Serving these sun-seekers are several Blue Flag beaches, as well as numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites for excursions […]

Mount Etna, Sicily

mount etna

A steady plume of smoke and ash continues to spew from Mount Etna- Europe’s highest active volcano. But can we expect another major eruption? Although it’s the tallest volcanco in Europe, it’s pretty difficult to say just how high Mount Etna actually is. With each eruption its height changes – and it erupts often. Currently […]

Crateri Silvestri

If you’re looking for panoramic views of Etna’s landscape and would like to visit the window ‘kissed by lava’, then you might find yourself heading for the Crateri Silvestri – the Silvestri Craters… The Crateri Silvestri of Mount Etna were created by the volcanic eruption of 1892 and are, compared to the 459 square-mile volcano, […]

Snow Covered Mount Etna

David Wakefield, South Staffordshire “The attached photo was taken at 9.00am on 28th April 2015 and shows the still snow covered Mount Etna, bathed in the rising sun, through the arches of the Teatro Greco in Taormina. A truly awe inspiring vista amongst many on the enchanting island of Sicily.”

Exploring Mount Etna

Mount Etna casts a long shadow as Amanda Robinson discovers when she visits Taormina in Sicily. The sun was suspended in the hot still air, as the tiny lizards dodged from one cool shadow to another. The midday campanile rang out from the tiny baroque church on the hillside, followed by the plangent strains of […]