5 Italian breads to try in 2021

italian bread

There are so many incredible Italian breads to choose from, it can be overwhelming! Learn more about some of our favourite kinds of bread in this guide of 5 Italian breads to try in 2021… Images © iStock unless otherwise stated 1. Focaccia Focaccia is popular all over the world. Oven-baked, its name comes from […]

Torta di pane e pomodorini

Savoury bread cake with cherry tomatoes

This savoury bread cake with tomatoes is just perfect for al fresco dining. Mario Matassa shows us how to make this tasty torta… Serves 6 Preparation time 15 minutes Cooking time 40 minutes Ingredients: • 250g stale rustic-type bread • 500ml whole milk • 250g fresh ricotta • 2 medium free-range eggs, beaten • 200g smoked […]

5 Best Italian Breads

Some 350 varieties of bread originate from Italy, from crusty loaves to unleavened flat breads and the crispy breadstick. Tuck into five of the best as chosen by Italia! 1. Focaccia Of all the breads, this ancient Ligurian bread with a mottled appearance, is popular all over the world. Oven baked, its name comes from the […]