The Grand Tour – Part 1

In the first of our new six-part series, Jon Palmer crosses the Alps into Piedmont to follow the trail of that uniquely 18th-century phenomenon, the Grand Tour The foundations of the Grand Tour can be traced back to the begin of the 17th century and a young squire called Thomas Coryat, whose travel journal was […]

Traditional Castelrotto Wedding

Marina Spironetti has travelled to the Alpine town of Castelrotto to attend a traditional wedding with a difference… It’s a winter Sunday morning and I have a wedding to attend. It’s not going to be the usual ceremony, though. First of all, it’s a traditional one. The wedding couple, as well as all their families […]

Lac Cornu

Lac Cornu, located in the Parco Naturale del Mont Avic, is a serene spot for walking (and fishing) in northwestern Italy… Right on the border between France and Italy, at the centre of the Graian Alps, is a nature park with spectacular vistas. The whole area encompasses lakes, peat bogs and a rolling pine forest […]

Cycling The Dolmites

Always imagined cycling the Dolmites? Amy Lucinda Jones takes to the roads to see the delights of Trentino Alto Agide from the saddle… One of the best ways to really experience Italy is, in my opinion, not from the comfort of an air conditioned bus, not from a train compartment, nor is it from a […]