Q+A: Buying a property in Veneto

Our experts are here to help with all your questions about Italy. This week, we are looking at buying a property in the Veneto region…

Q: My partner and I are frequent visitors to Venice and are looking into the possibility of buying a modest property in the Veneto – somewhere quieter and more rural than Venice itself but no more than an hour’s drive away from the city. We don’t have a huge budget, around €200,000 – would you be able to suggest a possible locality for us?
Angela Hargreaves, by email

A: If you are not only searching for a city setting, the Veneto has a lot to offer: spectacular hills and mountains, beautiful beaches, medieval towns and hamlets, unspoiled countryside and the history of an area which dates back to well before the Romans’ time.

In the Veneto region, the most undiscovered, and certainly one of the most beautiful area, is that of the Euganean Hills, about a 40-minute drive from Venice and its airport. This spectacular range of ancient volcanic hills is contained in an area of only 15 by 30km. It is little known among foreigners, but you will be amazed by this set of emerald green cones rising out of the Venetian plain, in which nestle beautiful little towns and medieval villages, hundreds of vineyards and olive groves, ancient monuments, Venetian villas and charming farms and rustic houses.

All amenities are available throughout the hills as even the tiniest village has its food store, pharmacy, bank and post office. The road system is excellent and allows you to cross the hills from one end to the other in only 20 minutes, enjoying fantastic views all the way.

The cities of Venice, Padua, Verona and Vicenza are all within reasonable travelling distance of the hills and offer a richness of history, art and culture, individual to each fascinating city.

There is a wide selection of properties available ranging from modern to rustic and country houses. Both town and rural settings are available and there are good choices in both smaller and larger properties. Traditional houses with typical façades of exposed stone, completely restored, start at around €150,000 to €200,000 while their accompanying land or the view they enjoy can further increase their value. Pre-restoration properties start at €100,000 to €150,000, depending on their size and the amount of restoration required. Newly built two-bedroom apartments, with private courtyard, start at €150,000. Holiday rental is relatively underdeveloped and there is great potential for it. The Euganean Hills are designated a Regional Park and this further protects and enhances the future value of existing estate.

My suggestion is first to visit the Euganean Hills and their surroundings, and maybe you will decide they are the destination you have been looking for!

Andrea Redivo Zaglia is the manager of Properties in Italy, an Italian-based estate agency specialising in properties in Venice, the Veneto region and the whole of Italy. Call % +39 349 452 0481, email: info@propertiesinitaly.net or visit www.propertiesinitaly.net