Fractional Ownership: “Heaven on Earth”

“Heaven on Earth, one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Chris & Deb Everard – Owners

Petritoli Casa Tre Archi

Imagine a place where you can relax from the moment you arrive; everything is ready, all rooms are beautifully laid out for you and your guests, and welcome goodies are in the cupboard; it’s just like coming home.

P1030638_edited-1 copyYour personal belongings, carefully stored since your last visit, are ready and waiting for you; so you don’t have to think about airports and annoying liquid rules, you can leave your favourite shampoo here, it’s been tucked carefully away since you last visited.

All you have to do is arrive, relax, and enjoy.

That’s what the Appassionata family has created for you; fabulous, luxury homes, with a passion. They’ve lived in Le Marche for many years, and as they developed and crafted their carefully selected properties, they’ve always had your needs at the top of their minds.

Picture yourself, home from home, in Italy, returning each and every year to a property you can really call home, shared with like-minded owners; each of you buying into a company where collectively you own a beautiful property, each with a one tenth share of an equitably managed calendar, where everyone has five weeks when the property is yours, exclusively, to enjoy, however you wish.

Unlike sole ownership of a whole house, which can bring its own particular challenges, like hiring local help, or cranking up the garden tools to set about keeping nature at bay; or worse still, worrying about whether the fabric of the building will stand up to the test of time, shared ownership takes the headaches right out of the equation.

That’s Appassionata’s job, to shoulder the load, and maintain the full beauty of the property and its immediate surrounds. Keeping it safe and secure, and every bit as wonderful as the last time you were here, until you return. The Appassionata team work carefully and diligently all year to protect your investment, and care for your home.

Petritoli Casa Tre Archi 2

Wherever you hail from around the globe, and however you might describe what they do, be it real estate, owning property in Italy, fractional ownership, or property sharing, they like to think of it as creating a little corner of Le Marche that you, like them, can call home.

There is a legal structure of course, buying a property is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and you can see the details of how it works on the Appassionata website. They have taken care of all the normal legal and tax issues associated with purchasing a property outright in Italy and have created a simple purchase structure through a UK limited company. Having also concluded a number of share re-sales they have a proven and simple structure giving you more choices and flexibility.

One thing you can be assured about, at Appassionata everything is taken care of; as property managers who live and work locally they make certain that your annual maintenance fee covers all eventualities, and your property is carefully looked after, inside and out.

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Please visit their website, or better still, drop them an email, or call and they’ll be delighted to tell you everything you need to know. You can also click here to read about Casa Tre Archi, Appassionata’s latest property.

You can also enquire with India Hobbs about making a discovery visit, where a personal welcome from the Appassionata family awaits you, to view their stunning properties and spend some time in a very special place they call home.

India Hobbs: email or 0039 3315413225