Sacca di Scardovari

Sacca di Scardovari / Barche e casoni di pescatori

The Sacca di Scardovari is a great expanse of water in the Venetian Po Delta, and is a nature-lover’s dream, with wildlife in abundance everywhere you look…

Some 20km around and up to 2km deep in places, the Sacca di Scardovari is one of the wildest areas in the Po Delta and is home to the rare spring snowflake (Leucojum Vernum) flower. You will also see herons, and long-legged buzzards in the cooler months. The Sacca di Scardovari is also well known for its mussel production, which began in the 1960s and remains in high productivity today – the unusual environment is said to give the shellfish a delicate flavour that makes them highly sought after. In the evenings you are guaranteed to see plenty of boats docked in the lagoon, waiting for the fishermen and water enthusiasts who rise early on warm mornings to take advantage of the fishing and the spectacular landscape.