Pictures of Italy: Lake Garda

On Lake Garda, from the bridge of San Giovanni in Peschiera, you can see this extraordinary underwater nativity scene?


This unusual aquatic nativity scene in Peschiera del Garda was created in 1980 with additional characters added in 1993. The ghostly, life-size figures are sculpted from metal then covered with reflective paint before being lowered into the lake each year on 21 December. The result is best observed at night, when the figures will glow brightly from the light of the moon and street lamps. Passers-by can observe the presepe from the San Giovanni bridge, which crosses the river Mincio as it joins the vast waters of Lake Garda. Looking down, visitors can see 26 biblical figures including Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds, wise men and cattle that complete the scene. The star of Bethlehem, too, is visible as it rises illuminated from the water. The aquatic nativity was devised by the Sub Club of Peschiera ? a diving club that offers underwater tourism on the lake ? and has since become a traditional part of seasonal sightseeing in the town. Peschiera, a historic fortress town in the region of Veneto, also offers fireworks and markets in the winter months.