Monte Lussari

montagna invernoA place of religious pilgrimage and a popular skiing destination, the beautiful Monte Lussari is in the unusual position of having a triple border – shared between Italy, Austria and Slovenia…

Nestled high in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy, Monte Lussari’s snow-capped buildings resemble the frosted scene inside a snow globe. As well as
its obvious aesthetic charm, the area is a popular skiing resort, including the nearby town of Tarvisio. With stunning views of the surrounding Julian Alps,
the Prampero ski run begins 1,789km up at Monte Lussari’s summit and is a total of 32km long. But it is not just the ski run and its idyllic surroundings that attracts visitors to Monte Lussari. The Sanctuary of the Madonna of Lussari church stands at the summit and dates from the mid-14th century. According
to legend, an image of the Virgin Mary was discovered among woodland and the church was built on this sacred site, standing as a Marian shrine for pilgrims.
In 1600 buildings were constructed to house those who had undertaken the sacred journey, and over the following years the bell tower, chapels and vestry were built. Thanks to its triple-border situation, Monte Lussari can boast multi-ethnic cuisine, unparalleled landscapes and a varied culture to surprise and delight.




© Turismo FVG/Carlo Spaliviero