Golfo Paradiso – Bogliasco

View of Bogliasco. Bogliasco is a ancient fishing village in Ita

The ancient village of Bogliasco lies on the enticingly named Golfo Paradiso, a small bay towards the eastern end of the larger Gulf of Genoa. It has a long history of foreign invasion and fishing…

If you take the mainline train from La Spezia to Genoa – which is a beautiful experience in itself as the line has to hug the coast for most of the route to avoid the rising Ligurian hills – then just before you reach the urbanised outskirts of Genoa, you pass through the ancient fishing village of Bogliasco. People have lived here for at least 10,000 years. They’ve seen the Romans come and go, the Byzantines, the Lombards, the French (of course), the Saracens, the Venetians… And all they did was look up to bid a polite good morning before returning to the far more important work of mending their nets and fixing their boats. It would take you at least the rest of the morning to walk all the way to Genoa from here, but if you have the time, take the coastal path as far as Nervi and catch a later train from there.




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