The Bigo, Genoa

The Bigo in Port of Genoa, ItalyThe Bigo will take you to dizzying heights for a breathless and panoramic view of the beautiful old port of Genoa and the city that waits beyond…

The striking Bigo is located in Genoa and was designed by Renzo Piano for the 1992 Columbus celebrations. Inspired by an ancient derrick for the ships using the port, it has since become the archetypal symbol of Genoa’s old port and the city’s close relationship with the sea.
The unique structure offers stunning views over the city in a panoramic lift which boasts a rotating see-through cabin – there is no escaping Genoa’s beauty as you ascend 40 metres above the city. The structural core of the Bigo sits under water in the dockyard, with two groups of arms emerging and fanning out above water. These arms are the key feature of the Bigo and their different lengths create a design that is not only eye catching but serves a crucial purpose. The longest, at 70 metres, supports the cable of the panoramic lift, some others support the roof of the Piazza delle Feste. All of the arms are anchored to the foundations of the structure below sea level.
Bigo is a great opportunity to get a birds-eye view of the old port while learning about Genoa’s history and experiencing it from a new height.




Image © iStock.