2 alberobello (c) JPAs yet another  summer storm brews over Alberobello, the whites and greys of the sky seem to mirror the colours of the trulli that make this ancient town in Puglia a must-see for travellers to the Heel of Italy…

Though you will see trulli dotted all around Puglia, the town of Alberobello has so many that it was granted UNESCO world heritage status in 1996. These quirky houses are built from local limestone with square dry stone walls and the characteristic conical roof. Dating to the 15th century, trulli were first built by peasant workers who were moved into the area by the feudal lord, Count Acquaviva, to clear woodland and cultivate the land. To avoid the taxes aimed at inhabited towns, the crafty Count outlawed permanent structures; only homes that could be built and dismantled in a hurry were allowed… It wasn’t until 1797 that ‘town’ status was granted and people were allowed to build permanent structures




Image © Jon Palmer.