Italian word for the week: Menefreghismo

Learn about the meaning and origin of the Italian word ‘menefreghismo‘, if you can be bothered…

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Menefreghista, or someone with menefreghismo, describes a couldn’t-care-less attitude.

But it doesn’t just mean someone is laid back. It suggests a mindset of complete apathy or disinterest towards the concerns or opinions of others, skewing a little more negatively than mere indifference.

So, if you say someone is a menefreghista, you’re making a bold statement that they don’t give a damn about anything.

If you’re unlucky enough to need to refer to a group of such people, the plural is menefreghisti (masculine) or menefreghiste (feminine).

While it fits quite well with the colloquial English expression “meh”, The term “menefreghismo” actually originates from the Italian phrase “Non me ne frega,” which translates to “I don’t care”.

Example sentences with menefreghismo

  • Quando si tratta di seguire le istruzioni, mio fratello è un vero menefreghista professionista – lui pensa che le regole siano solo suggerimenti.
    When it comes to following instructions, my brother is a true professional at not caring – he thinks rules are mere suggestions.
  • Nonostante i problemi evidenti nella società, molti politici dimostrano un chiaro menefreghismo verso le necessità dei cittadini.
    Despite evident issues in society, many politicians display a clear indifference towards the needs of the citizens.
  • È spiacevole quando alcuni menefreghisti al cinema decidono di parlare ad alta voce al telefono durante l’intero film, disturbando chi vorrebbe godersi il film senza interruzioni.
    It’s unpleasant when some menefreghisti at the cinema decide to talk loudly on their phones throughout the entire film, disturbing those who want to enjoy the movie without interruptions

Menefreghismo” describes a negative attitude of indifference that disregards the impact of one’s actions on others.

It reflects a lack of empathy and responsibility, often leading to negative outcomes.

It is important to foster a sense of care and consideration for the well-being of others, rather than embracing a menefreghista approach, to promote harmony and understanding in society.

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