Italian Word for the Week: ‘Culaccino’

‘Culaccino’ is an Italian word which sums up an irritating party phenomenon. We teach you the meaning of this word and how to use it…

culaccino italian word meaning water ring-on table

We all know this stain. The unsightly ring left on a wooden table when someone doesn’t use a coaster for their cold drink. It’s infuriating.

Well, did you know that in Italian there’s a word for it?

Culaccino is a word which means ‘the annoying ring left on a wooden surface by a cold glass or cup’.

The word ‘culaccino’ is derived from ‘culo‘ meaning the bottom or ‘butt’ of something. So that annoying ring is literally the ‘bum-stain’ of the glass!

Culaccino’ can also mean the end piece of something, like a salami or a loaf of bread. Or the last dregs of drink left in your glass.

How to use ‘culaccino’ in a sentence
  • Italian: “Dopo la festa, la mia tavola era ricoperta di culaccino!”
  • English: “After the party, my table was covered with annoying round stains from wet glasses!”

I’m sure you can agree, summing it all up in a single word is much neater!


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