Santa Teresa Gallura

We take a look at the beautiful home of Gallura Buskers Festival, the International Festival of Street Artists and Contemporary Circus which featured amazing entertainment and fantasy in the magical nights of Santa Teresa Gallura.

The 5th edition of the Gallura Buskers Festival was held from 17th to 23rd July and was a long anticipated event of the summer season in Sardinia. A gathering of some of the best international companies of street theatre, and contemporary circus. For adults and children from 0 to 99 years of age, it was an unforgettable opportunity to dive into the world of extraordinary characters!

Santa Teresa Gallura is a cheery seaside resort on the northern coast of Sardinia. The small town is in a lovely coastal setting, and although it is not particularly distinguished either historically or culturally, the resort makes a pleasant base for a holiday or for a seaside stopover when touring Sardinia. Gallura is the name of this part of Sardinia; the town is also known as Santa Teresa di Gallura or more simply as Santa Teresa.

About Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura (Comune di Santa Teresa Gallura) is a popular seaside village located 45 kilometers north-west of Olbia, on the northern tip of Sardinia in the province of Olbia-Tempio. It is a characteristic village with pastel-coloured houses, with its own modern port that provides regular ferry services between Sardinia and Corsica.

Its well-known Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is lined with bars and souvenir shops, and the village provides easy access to renowned Sardinian beaches such as Rena Bianca, La Marmorata and La Licciola. The nearby granite headlands of Capo Testa, located just a few kilometers west of Santa Teresa Gallura, offer nice opportunities for trekking, kitesurfing and diving.

Santa Teresa Gallura can get a bit busy during summer, as many tourists use the village as a starting point to explore the nearby La Madallena islands, or to make the quick crossing from Santa Teresa to Bonifacio in southern Corsica by ferry.


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