Now That’s Amore: 3 Ways to Obtain Italian Dual Citizenship

If you’ve always longed to become a fully fledged Italian citizen, the team at Italian Dual Citizenship (IDC) explains how this dream could quite easily become a reality for many…

Italian dual citizenship

If you’ve always wanted to call the coolest-shaped country on the planet your home, then why not apply for an Italian citizenship? It’s not as difficult as you think, plus you could soon be on your way to gondola rides in Venice and arguing over which region has the best cuisine (spoiler alert: it’s all of them, really!).

Want to know how to become an Italian citizen? There are three ways that you can legally apply for an Italian citizenship and enjoy the perks of being part of ‘il bel paese’ – the beautiful country.

1. Use your Italian ancestry
Did any of your relatives come over from the boot themselves? Then you may actually already be an Italian citizen and not know it! In Latin, it’s called Jure Sanguinis or ‘right of blood.’ That’s right; Italy has lenient laws that allow those with Italian ancestors to apply for and obtain Italian dual citizenship simply because their heritage is from Italy. Plus, it’s among the easiest and fastest ways to enjoy a dual citizenship with Italy. 

Italian relatives are always nice to have around. They make you way too much food, ask you when you’re getting married constantly (see below), and they welcome you in with open arms and the kind of hugs that can snap a few ribs. It’s a hearty culture that you’d be lucky to be a part of, and if you have Italian heritage either through your maternal or paternal line, you may qualify for Italian citizenship.

Now is the time to call up your Italian grandparents and ask for this important ‘favore,’ one you can easily pass onto those great-grandkids they keep asking you to have. Basically, if there is someone in your bloodline that was born in Italy IDC will do the necessary ancestry research and tell you if you qualify for dual citizenship. You may even get to live ‘la vita meravigliosa’ as a dual Italian citizen for you and your family in the near future.

wedding bouquet2. Marry an Italian
Now this is the most fun way to get your dual Italian citizenship. Just find an Italian to love and marry. Honestly, who wouldn’t want that? Romance and access to the old family recipes of the most amazing cuisine on the planet! Can’t you hear those wedding bells now?

All joking aside, if you do have the good fortune to marry an Italian, you can apply for Italian citizenship easily. You must be married for two years first and live in Italy, or you will need to wait three years if you’re living outside of the country. 

However, be forewarned that your love must be a natural Italian for this method to fall into place. If so, you’ll be on your way to your Italian dual citizenship, though you should know it will take some paperwork and time for your application. And there are some language requirements too. That means you get to learn some Italian that will have you saying ‘amore’ and ‘saluti’ in no time!

3. Get naturalized
So, you’re not Italian. Not even by a longshot. And you haven’t found an Italian to love and marry. Your final option for becoming an Italian citizen is to go through naturalization. This is more difficult and requires your absolute patience. 

To become naturalized, you must live in Italy with a legit visa for a minimum of 10 years. That’s a mighty long time but thankfully, time passes so beautifully in Italy that it’s hardly a punishment, is it? We can think of many ways to pass the time in Italy, most notably feasting on that cuisine, vacationing by the sea, indulging in wine tastings and getting acquainted with the charming culture, for starters. 

If time is on your side, go ahead and take that job in Italy. Make sure your visa is always current and you follow the laws to gain naturalization. By doing so, you’ll have your way into becoming an Italian citizen even if you’re not Italian or never marry. Another point to consider is that the Italian government could turn down your application if you’re any type of a security risk. Other than that, you’ll merely need to wait it out to get your dual Italian citizenship. 

For all three ways to get your Italian citizenship, you’ll have to fill out the application. You’ll also need to have the right paperwork to support your cause. It’s worth it though. You’ll be part of the European Union, and you’ll even have access to Italy’s incredible healthcare system. 

Get all the benefits of being an Italian citizen by applying for your Italian citizenship today! The team at Italian Dual Citizenship (IDC) is always available to help you apply for and obtain dual citizenship. For more information, contact IDC at (213) 277-8705 or visit them online .

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