La Rotonda Foschini

The picturesque courtyard known as La Rotonda Foschini is an integral part of Ferrara’s historic – and still flourishing – Teatro Comunale in Emilia-Romagna

Ever since the advent of the camera this aesthetically pleasing courtyard – part of Ferrara’s communal theatre – has inspired photographers to snap it. This upward-looking shot of the Rotonda Foschini shows off its strange, elliptical shape to great effect and makes it clear why this part of the teatro has provided inspiration for photographers through the decades.

The theatre was commissioned back in 1773, although the two architects assigned to the task – Cosimo Morelli and Antonio Foschini – had so many disagreements that the project soon stalled. As time went by other architects were drafted in to both modify the original plans and to engender some real progress. It was not until 1797, however, that works were finally concluded, and the design concepts and influences of its various architects remain in evidence in the look of the theatre today.