Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2015
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Altopiano di Asiago

The Altopiano di Asiago lies to the north of Vicenza, or to the south-east of Trento, depending on which direction you’re coming from. Either way, the SP349 is the closest main road – after that you’re pretty much on your own…

Altipiano di Asiago.

The ‘High Plain of Asiago’ is one of the most remote areas in all Italy, and home to seven small comuni – Asiago, Enego, Foza, Gallio, Lusiana, Roana and Rotzo – who, combined, give the region the other name by which it is often known: il Altopiano dei Sette Comuni.

In fact, however, there is actually an eighth comune, Conco, which was a frazione of Lusiana until 1796 but has since been recognised as a village in its own right. Now, you might think it would be sensible to start calling the area the ‘Altopiano dei Otto Comune’, but that wouldn’t be quite as simple as it sounds. In German the area is called Die Sieben Gemeinden and the principal language here used to be Cimbrian, an Italianized dialect of High German, in which the villages are known as the Siben Komoin. A lot of people would have to agree to the change of name…

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