Viewpoint: The River Arno

Looking upstream into a Florence sunrise almost the colour of the city’s beloved football club’s shirt, we are, in one very real sense, looking towards the source of the Renaissance itself… The River Arno divides Florence between the north side, where most of the famous bits are, and the Oltrarno, the ‘other side’, where most […]

A-Z of Florence

This A-Z of Florence will help you on your way if you’re going for a short break or if you’ve been hundreds of times and didn’t know that Florence used to be the capital city of Italy! A-Z Arno The river which snakes its way through central Florence is 241m long and flows from Monte […]

Viewpoint: The Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio was the setting for these locks of love, symbolising an eternal bond. But young couples didn’t reckon with the might of bolt cutters. The Ponte Vecchio in Florence; an emblem of the great city since 1345. But for a brief period in its illustrious reign it also became the site of a […]