Discover Mount Etna

mount etna

Standing between the cities of Messina and Catania, this icon of Sicily is perhaps the world’s most famous volcano. Hearing Sicilians refer to “her” as “Mamma Etna” you’d be forgiven for assuming that this was a fond reference to a local lady. And to some people Mamma Etna is indeed a living, breathing companion, overseeing […]

Viewpoint: Mount Etna

Mount Etna

At well over 3,000 metres tall, despite its southerly location, and subcutaneous magma, Mount Etna is perfectly capable of holding a little snow Last month, in our Winter in Italy issue, just after our features on Cervinia and Alta Badia, we showed you a Viewpoint of Urbino in the snow, pointing out that some skiers […]

48 hours in: Catania

The Sicilian city of Catania had always been unknown to Lorenza Bacino, so when the opportunity arose to visit with a local, she jumped at the chance… With open hearts, Sicilian journalist Francesca Marchese’s family welcomed me into their home in the Catania hinterland and I felt like a prodigal daughter returning after a long […]