Don’t look now: Venice after dark

Even the most familiar places tend to look a little different as night falls… Sara Scarpa bravely steps into the shadows in search of Venice’s spookiest legends. Photos by Iain Reid The maze of narrow alleys, combined with the tricks of the light reflected in the canals, the decaying palaces and the fog make Venice […]

Venice Lido

While the crowds flock to Venice, Adrian Mourby finds a much more relaxing way of life on the Lido, where tourists of the past would stay and spend much of their time, away from the stifling air of the city… You can hear the silence of the Adriatic from up here. It doesn’t so much […]

Hidden Venice

Getting to know Venice is that much easier when your guide is a Venetian. Sara Scarpa takes us on a tour of the city she calls home… Most of my friends have already been to Venice at least once so when they come to visit me I show them the side of town that I […]