Travel in Umbria and explore Perugia

Join us to celebrate the delights of a visit to this historic Umbrian city and its surrounding hill-towns  Umbria has already been nominated as the next Tuscany, the region on its northern border. However, Umbria is a big place and the overflow of visitors from Tuscany hasn’t yet spoiled this peaceful, rustic region where the […]

48 Hours in Orvieto

Famous worldwide for its white wine and extraordinarily beautiful cathedral, there is much more to the Umbrian town of Orvieto than meets the eye… Any mention of Orvieto will probably bring to mind the popular white wine produced in the area – either that or the magnificence of the cathedral. Before my visit, that was […]

Hidden View of the Duomo

Rebecca Haywood, St Leonards on Sea “We visited Florence for the first time in March this year. The weather was overcast but the view of the Duomo through the stonework surrounding the terrace on the top of the Uffizi was still stunning!”